Issues - Rob Bonta for CA Attorney General



The People of California’s Attorney
As California’s Attorney General and California’s chief law officer, Bonta is the “attorney for the people” and holds those who break the law – especially those in positions of power – accountable and wins justice for California families. He knows that enforcing the law and public service is about helping people, making people’s lives better, and improving the human condition. His priorities include:

Attorney General Bonta is defending California’s first-in-class gun safety laws like the assault weapons ban from attacks by the NRA and the gun lobbying. As states across the country saw increased gun violence during the pandemic, Attorney General Bonta’s Department of Justice is expanding proven programs that bring community leaders, law enforcement and youth together to interrupt gang violence before it causes gun deaths. He is expanding the use of gun violence restraining orders that take guns away from people with a history of domestic abuse and those who are prohibited from owning them.

By its size alone, California’s Department of Justice is the country’s largest civil rights practice. he will strongly enforce California’s civil rights code and fight for racial justice and equity. As hate crimes rise across California, he will take on the forces of hate and build bridges between law enforcement and targeted communities.

Attorney General Bonta is taking on transnational criminal organizations that traffic in guns, drugs, and people. A longtime advocate for crime victims, he is working with law enforcement to expand programs that support victims of crime. He is increasing resources to clear the rape kit backlog at law enforcement agencies across the state, and Attorney General Bonta has expanded human trafficking and sexual predator response units across the state.

Attorney General Bonta believes health care is a human right. He is defending Obamacare and California’s health care expansions from GOP legal attacks. He went to court to get justice for Californians who were denied mental health benefits from their insurers, and he is seeking justice for families of opioid victims who were targeted by Big Pharma. At a moment when our reproductive health care is under attack, Attorney General Bonta is defending California’s laws that ensure every woman has access to reproductive health care.

Attorney General Bonta believes that we need to infuse more safety and fairness into our justice system, and as California’s Attorney General, he is advancing solutions that work to make our communities safer – both in the short and long-term. He strongly believes our justice system should be free from bias and treat everyone fairly, and under his watch, the Department of Justice has increased transparency and sought to make our justice system more accountable to the people it serves.

With so many families reeling from the economic consequences of the pandemic, Attorney General Bonta is fighting protect consumers and taking legal action against multi-national corporations who prey upon the most vulnerable.

Too many workers in California are trafficked in the underground economy and denied all the protections they are entitled to under California law. That’s why Attorney General Bonta has prioritized bringing cases against employers who abuse workers, steal their wages and create unfair and unsafe working conditions. California has some of the strongest worker protections in the country and every California worker should benefit from them.

Too often, the most impoverished communities are targeted by big polluters. Attorney General Bonta seeking justice for these communities and ensuring California remains a global leader in the fight against climate change. He is expanding the Department of Justice’s capacity to prosecute polluters and get justice for communities and families who have been harmed.

Immigrants and refugees help make California thrive. Attorney General Bonta is fighting to ensure that every Californian knows their rights and is treated with dignity — regardless of their immigration status. He is taking on predators like notarios who prey on immigrant families.